6 Reasons Why You Should Give Boxing a Go

1. Boxing Obliterates Body Fat – You can burn up to 2000kj’s during a single session, however even more benefits are obtained from the HIIT Training (High Intensity Interval Training) format. What this means is that you continue to burn more body fat for hours afterwards compared to normal cardio training such as jogging, running, cycling, rowing, swimming or the cardio machines in the gym.

2. Builds a Sexy, Lean & Toned Body – The fast repetitive action of boxing increases body tone rather than bulky muscles which is great news for anyone wishing to achieve a full body toned and athletic look with long, lean, defined muscles.

3. Time Efficient & Fun Workout – 45min boxing sessions are a full body workout, you can ‘get in and get it done’ knowing that your whole body has been worked from the inside to the outside. Boxing sessions include fitness & strength training and finish with a well-deserved and much needed stretch. You can go home and relax knowing that you have worked your body exactly how it needed to be worked out.

4. Fast Way to Increase Fitness – Boxing uses a variety of muscle groups from every part of the body all at the same time. This increases the need for your body to consume oxygen at a higher rate & in turn your body will respond and adapt to the increased demands. Better yet, the fitter you become, the longer you can sustain a higher level of workout intensity, and the BETTER & FASTER YOU BURN BODY FAT!!

5. Improve Body Awareness & Co-ordination – Connecting your brain and your body is something we can all benefit from, even if you find co-ordination a challenge with a little practise you will soon see many improvements which will translate into other areas of your life. There have been many studies showing how long term brain health, especially as we age benefits from improved body awareness.

6. Increase Confidence & Self Esteem – If you feel fitter, have a stronger, & leaner body, have more energy, better body awareness and you value yourself enough to work on yourself for a couple of sessions each week, you will be amazed at the difference in YOU!!

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