Celebrate YOU

8 Weeks to a New You

  • Do you long for the days when you felt happy, confident & carefree?
  • Are you tired of the old patterns that keep you in that never ending cycle of self sabotage & frustration?
  • Do you crave to connect with other women who share your fears & are on the same journey as you?
  • Are you ready to release your fears & doubts & let go of your inner critic so you can uncover what is truly possible for yourself?
  • Do you constantly give you all to others, putting everyone else first but now you’re ready to start the necessary self care steps to sculpt a vibrant healthier version of you & your life?
  • Are you ready to drop the old excuses & limitations so you can step into feeling sexy & confident in your own skin?

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Are You Ready to....

Let go of your inner critic, banish limiting thoughts & beliefs & ignite your sense of adventure embracing a new experience allowing yourself to step into the beauty of who you really are.

This is Your Time...

Lets unleash the emotional effects of your past & create a dazzling new future for you filled with joy, strength & confidence so you can attract what you love & live life with more purpose, passion & vibrancy.

Celebrate YOU....8wks to the Best Version of YOU!

What's Included...

  • 8x Weekly webinars
  • Meal Plans & Recipes
  • 8 wks of workouts for you to do at home or in the gym
  • Celebration Day is your day to be treated like a model with an all female pamper team consisting of a hair stylist & makeup artist helping you feel confident, sexy & glamorous ready for your own personal photo shoot.
  • Private Beachside Luxury Villa for Celebration Day
  • USB of all your personal photos and group photos from Celebration Day
  • Support, guidance & accountability
  • Private Facebook Group 
  • BONUS  
    • 4 Months membership in Celebrate YOU mentoring group with monthly webinars so you have ongoing support after Celebration Day
    • Personal Core Clearing Session 
    • 8 weeks Group Bootcamp
    • The strongest action for a women is to love herself, be herself & shine.

Register this Weekend for a $200 Disccount

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When Do We Begin??

  • Weekly Webinars begin 12th September 7pm.  
  • Although it's best to attend these live as you can have all your questions answered, we appreciate life can tend to be hectic so all webinars are recorded for you to listen to at your convenience.

Celebration Day is Sunday 11th November.  

Clear your schedule, and set aside the whole day just for you!!

What You Will Learn...

Week 1 What Do You Really Believe??

Get ready to take a deep dive & discover what is really driving you.  Explore whether these beliefs actually help or hinder you & with support & guidance you can choose to keep or change them to create the future you crave.

Week 2 Creating Healthy Habits

Let's face it, we all know what we should be doing, but there's always some reason why we don't do it....We judge & criticise ourselves harshly for falling off the bandwagon, or doing the wrong thing leading to more unhappiness & personal sabotage.  Learn how to create new healthy habits and behaviours that last a lifetime.

Week 3 Master Your Emotional Eating

Do you 'procrastin-eat' or indulge in 'eat-ertainment' or does your body give you the 'silent treatment'?  Learn to listen to your body to discern the difference between hunger & emotional eating and how to truly nurture your body in these times.

Week 4 Personalise Your Portion Size

Discover your bodies individuals needs and learn how to turn back the clock to create a healthy, energetic vibrant body without ever having to diet again.

Week 5 Healthy Hormones for a Happy Life

Embracing your body as it changes is important, but that doesn't necessarily mean you need to accept feeling tired, stressed, depressed or having mood swings, brain fog, skin problems, low immunity, weight gain or sleepless nights.  Learn simple steps to shift from feeling under the weather and out of control to regaining your love & zest for life.

Week 6 Learn to Love Yourself

I know, I know!!!  After a lifetime of personal sabotage & criticism, loving yourself simply sounds cliched & unrealistic.  What you don't like about yourself sits in your subconscious and constantly speaks to you.  It's time to unchain the shackles & step aside from you old limiting thoughts & beliefs to create a new perspective of yourself & your life so you can feel sexy & confident in your own skin.

Week 7 Shape Your Environment

Success is sweeter when those that you love & respect are on the same page.  Master the art of conversations that gain support rather than resistance from family, friends & peers.  Social occasions are less stressful & more enjoyable when you no longer need to stick to strict diets.

Week 8 There's Only New Beginnings

In today's instant society we all want results now, however the most powerful force for change is time.  Every single thought & action creates a ripple effect through your life.  It's the small things you do mindlessly each and every day that makes all the difference to your long-term health & happiness.  Master living in the moment to create more flow unleashing the strong, confident, vibrant, passionate woman that for too long has been hidden deep inside. 

Watch out World, Here She Comes!

Celebration Day

After 8 weeks of releasing personal sabotage, criticism & possibly a few unwanted kilo's and unleashing the strong, confident, vibrant, passionate woman inside, its time to Celebrate YOU at Celebration Day.

Be pampered for a day in a luxurious beach side villa with our all female team.  Experience your glamour and radiance as our professional hair stylist and make up artist lavish care & attention accentuating your captivating beauty.  Feel comfortable as you create lasting memories capturing the essence of your uniqueness with our talented photographer.

If you're travelling from afar, accommodation can be arranged.

Only 4 Places Remaining

How Much Does it Cost??

  • All inclusive, usually $990 register this weekend to receive your $200 Discount.
  • This weekend only $790.
  • Payment plans are available, from $79/week.