Fitness in Your 30’s

If you are a female in you’re 30’s, you’ve probably given birth to a child (or more), you may be feeling run down and tired from working and looking after your family & carrying a little more body weight than the younger edition of you.

Exercise is something you know you should be doing, but just the mere thought of beginning can be quite overwhelming based on everything else you need to attend to in your life.

What is interesting to note is that right now your stamina & bone density is at it’s peak. This is the perfect time to lay the foundation for a long and healthy relationship with exercise.

The bad news is that your metabolism has already started slowing down so now is not the time to be too busy to exercise or consume nutritious foods. The correct exercises performed consistently is the key to to long term success – don’t give up!!

Rather than endless hours on the treadmill, or only walking/jogging, cycling or swimming for exercise (your body will probably not respond as well as it used to with long cardio sessions) it’s important to include resistance training into your regime.

For best results 3-4 sessions per week, which includes both circuit training & HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and a combination of both resistance (lifting weights) and cardio (run/cycle etc).
Set aside 1 more day per week for a 45 min high intensity cardio session. Ensure 1 day is a rest and recovery day which is a great day to take the little ones for a slow walk, or play with them in the park and encourage them to be active too.
Change your exercise routine regularly to avoid becoming stuck in a rut and allow maximum body adaptations.

Don’t overlook the benefits of low impact sessions such as yoga, pilates or tai chi. We lose flexibility and balance as we age, now is the best time to include 1 session per week into your lifestyle.

Not sure where to start? If you would like to receive a complimentary ‘get started’ session, contact me and let’s book a time!


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