Fitness in Your 40’s

40’s and Apparently You’re Officially Middle Aged….

Here’s where you really begin to notice the effects of those hormonal changes. Your body naturally loses muscle as you age, and this also encourages a sluggish metabolism.

Your body shape may have significantly changed with more bodyfat being located around the central areas of your body – excess internal body fat distribution around your organs increasing your risk of heart disease, diabetes & cancer.

All that being said the great news is that you still have the potential to improve your body shape, gain more energy, reverse the aging process and decrease your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more.

The key once again is for consistency with your exercise so that you can preserve lean muscle and decrease internal body fat storage.

Quality of your resistance exercises over quantity of exercise is an important consideration. Ensure you are training with correct technique to decrease your risk of injury.

Resistance (weight) training is important 3-4 days per week and cardio training 5 days per week, consistently changing it up to avoid diminishing returns and boredom.

Set aside one day for a rest/recovery and go for a gentle walk, cycle or steady swim etc.

Maintaining or improving your flexibility, agility, balance & stability is extremely important for the years ahead, so ensure you include yoga, pilates and dedicated stretch sessions into your week.
Concentrating on your posture as you go about your daily tasks will also assist to counteract the hunching that tends to develop later in life.

Not sure where to start, or if your current exercise routine is doing your body justice? Feel free to contact me for a complimentary exercise check up.


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