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27 years ago, I was working as an Architect and on scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, Australia.

I trained twice a day, seven days a week, running up to 220 km per week. I did pretty well, I represented Australia four times in World Athletic Championships and was ranked 10th fastest all time Australian over the marathon (with a time of 2hrs. 15minutes).

Then, in 1985 I was involved in a tragic car accident that would change my life forever…

Soon I found myself suffering from chronic fatigue, anxiety and maybe even depression.

I spent thousands of dollars searching for a cure for my dilemma and finally stumbled on the missing piece…

I discovered the key to success (and happiness) is to master the ‘Inner game’. I realised that no matter how hard I trained and what I did (diet, stretching etc…)  nothing is going to work (no technique or strategy) if I am not clear and aligned inside.

Contrary to popular belief - the order of creation is to be, then, do, and finally, it’s to have.

And it all starts by getting your heart in the right place.

So, how exactly did I fix my inner game?

Emotional Intelligence.

Once I started working on mastering my inner game I started to run faster on less training – with more joy and ease!

And that was just the beginning of my transformation.

Since those early days I have gone on to create a dream life: I have found inner peace and happiness, created a passionate loving relationship (and a happy family), I live on 7 beautiful acres of rainforest (only 35 minute from the heart of Melbourne!), I spend my days doing what I love, helping to make the world a more open hearted place and I am part of a wonderful community of heart centred friends. 

I feel so truly blessed to live a life that is far more amazing than I ever imagined was possible.

Today I realise it is all about raising EQ (Emotional Quotient).

For the past 25 years, I have dedicated my life to helping people discover new levels of aliveness, health, work fulfilment, connection in relationships, manage stress and have a deeper sense of purpose in the world and find peace and happiness within.

Now, I couldn’t be more excited for this amazing opportunity to share the knowledge and skills I have developed with people all around the world 

You can jump in for FREE to my BREAKTHROUGH SESSION this Wednesday, August 29th at 8pm.

From my heart I would like to extend an open invitation to you to join me for an evening so I can show you how you too can breakthrough to creating a life that you love.

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If you’re ready to live more fully, openly,and productively, then the time couldn’t be better to create the breakthrough you need to go to the next level in your self esteem, health, relationships, prosperity and success in life.

To support you after the training session I will give you access to my ‘BREAKTHROUGH to Freedom training kit which includes written instructions, a worksheet and meditation – for FREE.

Do join me for this FREE preview into a possible future you can barely imagine!

It’s a real game changer!

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Please feel free to invite your friends who want to master the inner game for success and happiness too.

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